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Summer Snowball Fight

Hi, y'all! I'm so excited to share this No Status Quo Family Fun Moment with you! Another PRACTICAL way to push against status quo living and get out of our ruts is to....Have FUN as a FAMILY! I am going to share a family fun moment with you and hope you will try it out. This activity is sure to capture your children's hearts!

The purpose of family fun moments is to encourage you to be intentional in taking the time and effort to engage the hearts of your children and make the most of the short time you have with them. Things are BUSY. I know! Busyness is our biggest hindrance to creating fun with our children. We are tired and burned out from our day to day, so we are stuck in status quo, and before we know it our kids are grown and out of the house.

There is nothing status quo about a good ole snowball fight! It gets you off the couch, outside, interacting with each other. Here's the problem...we live in Florida. My kids don't experience snow in Florida, so we brought snow to them! It's quite simple, really. The actual process of making the ice is a little monotonous and the actual snowball fight itself doesn't last very long, but it's worth it because it wins their hearts, creates memories, and pushes against status quo living.

So, how do you have a snowball fight in the heat of summer? All you need is a snow cone machine, ice maker (refrigerator), a cooler, and a HOT day. I use a Hamilton Beach snow cone machine that is reasonable in price and works great. Make sure your refrigerator ice maker is on and making ice. Then, get to making snow cones...as many as you can stand to make. After each cup, dump the shaved ice into the cooler. It took me no more than 25 minutes to make the "snow" for our snowball fight. Dress the kids in their swimsuits or summer clothes, take them outside with the cooler and let them throw the snow at each other. This works will all ages, from toddlers to teenagers, to even adults! Your status quo neighbors will be curious about your family fun moment and maybe your no status quo living will spread!

Enjoy the video below, showing short clips of our snowball fight!

Also, please comment with your nomorequo family fun moment by posting a picture or telling about a memory you made for your children outside.

I dare you to have a snowball fight. Post a picture if you do!

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And here are my Floridian children experiencing ACTUAL snow for the first time in New York!