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An Open Letter to Trump Haters: Please Forgive Me

Trump Haters,

I see you. I hear you.

I know that you are passionately pursuing causes that are very important to you. I understand that your passion comes out of a pure place of desiring change.

We aren't as different as you think.

You've made it evident that those who vote for Trump are voting for the very things you are adamantly against.

We agree on more than you realize.

In your pursuit of all the things that mean the world to you, you can't understand how someone can take a stand for the very man that you despise. You know that when someone votes, they, too, are taking a stand for everything wrong that candidate stands for.

I couldn't agree more.

By voting for Trump, I am voting for all of him. The good, the bad.

I'm sorry.

You're right, by checking Trump's box, I'm standing for things that are not in line with my heart.

Forgive me.

Can I explain?

It comes down to ONE thing. In weighing out what I can, in right conscience, NEVER stand for, I make my decision. When I realize the ONE thing that I can't sign off on, I decide where to make my mark.

And I WON'T EVER put a check in a box for abortion.

No matter what else is at stake, choosing a candidate that seeks legislature that kills more innocent babies is something I can't live with.

When I put a check next to Biden's box, I am signing my name on the lives of millions of aborted babies. I am approving their death. I am not standing up for their voiceless lives, but I am actually playing a part in their very death.

Never in history has there ever been a more pro-abortion ticket in an election. Both Biden and Harris are ruthlessly committed to making abortion more easily accessible and allowed.

We agree on more than you think.

I care about your pursuits. I admire your desire for change.

Please forgive me for signing off on things that hurt your heart.

I'm sorry.

But, the suctioning of a baby in the womb, that, in turn, rips their limbs and parts apart, causing a painful death to an innocent and valuable human being who never got a chance at life...THIS is what I CANNOT make a mark for.

Precious children, murdered.

I wish everyone would make their decision for THEM.