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My Freedom Does Not End Where Fear Begins

It is very hard to navigate through decisions during this pandemic we find ourselves in. There is information coming at us from all angles, different opinions and perspectives, as well as different experiences. To some, COVID is very real because they've lost a loved one. To others, social isolation has created their own economic and emotional disaster.

One thing I know: I do not want fear to guide me.

As my family carefully considers what is best and what is right, I am seeking FREEDOM FROM FEAR.

If I listened to all the "what ifs" and "could happens"...

I would have never gotten into that van of mine, with my sweet family, and played the license plate game and sung our favorite songs together while heading down I-75 towards our favorite beach. Because I-75 is notorious for bad accidents, and "what if?".

I wouldn't have gotten on that airplane and flown home so I could step on that Texas ground and drive by those Texas pecan trees with those Texas flags waving proud, remembering who I am as I played chickenfoot with my family and caught grass snakes on my Gran's porch. Because a plane crash "could happen".

I wouldn't have gone to that coffee shop that is owned by people I adore, and supported their blood, sweat and tears with my patronage or I wouldn't have sat there with a dear friend, connecting and laughing face to face, sharing a bond as we smiled at faces passing by or I wouldn't have hugged a former student who needed one, and looked her in the eyes and told her she is special and capable. Because COVID is around, and "what if?".

My freedom does not end where fear begins. The "what ifs" and "could happens" should not rob me of the joy that sharing life with others brings.

So, to my family and friends and those I love, IF my time comes on that highway to the beach or in that airplane or in that coffee shop, it's ok because I LIVED.