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Blessings in the Norm

Quarantining and social distancing has us all looking forward to when "normal" resumes.

And when we can "get back to normal", may I recognize the blessings in the norm and thank God for...

My early morning alarm clock and can’t-wait-to-get-off-my-feet exhaustion.

All the long days of dance, hot sweats during golf and basketball in between.

My best friend's sweet voice singing next to me in the pew.

The heavy weight Sunday nights bring, knowing a full week is ahead.

Full seatbelts and sore muscles and feeling starved.

Leaving as the sun comes up and driving up to the house when it’s dark.

Packed lunches. And clean uniforms.

Shaking hands. And hugs.

Laughing face to face. And seeing people’s mouths move when they talk to me, not just their eyes.

Supporting businesses.

Enjoying entertainment along with a crowd.

Watching my daughter act silly with her friends.

And watching my son compete with his friends as if it’s the championship of the world, every time.

Sitting in my mom's house. And traveling.

Student success within my classroom, and celebrating them face to face.

Getting gas.

Eating in a restaurant with chatter all around me.

Helping the stranger in a wheelchair get through the chairs to the bathroom.

And helping the elder lady when she drops something in the

parking lot.

Friday nights after a week of grinding.

A full calendar. And rare Saturdays with nothing going on.

Thank you, Lord, for the blessings in the norm. May I never neglect recognizing how very beautiful "normal" is.