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Our Pandemic Has Been Won!

The COVID-19 pandemic has us committed to "social distancing". The CDC has recommended individuals #stayhome. When one must go out for essential reasons, it is highly encouraged to stay "6 feet or more" apart from others.

This 30 day period to "slow the spread" means we don't get to be around so many people we love. We are separate from our elder mothers and our aging fathers, our students and our neighbors. We can't be around our coworkers or our friends.

We MISS them.

Who are you missing the most in this time of social distancing?

Who do you look forward to being reunited with?

Who's eyes do you miss looking into? Who's smile do you miss seeing? Who's laughter do you long to hear again?

When you are able to hug, who will you most delight in wrapping your arms around? Who's hand are you excited to shake?

We find ourselves quarantined, with a longing to be around those we love.

But this time of longing will end. COVID-19 will come to a stop. We will be reunited with our loved ones. Our aging parents, our neighbors, students and coworkers, we won't be separate from them forever.

Imagine now, eternal distancing. Picture being quarantined, forever.

This is life without our Savior. Life while here on Earth can be hard or it can be beautiful. Whether stuck inside or free to roam, full of companionship or all alone, life here on Earth will end. And when it does, we will find ourselves faced with eternity.

Eternity will either be spent with our God of the Universe, in His presence, or it will be spent separated from Him, quarantined forever and eternally distanced from the One who loves us the MOST.

This is the meaning of Easter. Friday brings death of a Savior. But Sunday is coming! And Sunday means, our pandemic is over. Our sin and sickness and disease is gone. And, because of the cross, our eternity is sure to include reuniting with our Lord and fellow saints, in close proximity, forever!

I am free from the chains that bind me. Eternal quarantine and distancing from my Savior is behind me. The cross has saved me!