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I Do Forget

"Great is your faithfulness, I never will forget."--These words were part of a song we sang at church today. The first part, "Great is your faithfulness", I could sing out. But I had a hard time speaking the second part, "I never will forget", outloud to God. Because I do. I do forget.

Yesterday when a mess with my dad seemed hopeless and my soul was downcast, that was me...forgetting. That was me, not reminding myself of His faithfulness.

We have heard the story of the Israelites receiving (SEEING) the faithfulness and provision of God. He spared their children. He brought them out of slavery, which included parting the sea for their

deliverance and protecting them from their enemies. God literally dropped food from heaven day after day, supplying their needs and sustaining them. Yet, they forgot. They forgot when they bowed down to other gods.

And when we hear that we think, "Those Israelites sure were foolish."..."That is so stupid of them, how could they?"..."I would have never..."..."What is wrong with them?!"...

But we are not so different than those foolish Israelites. You see, God has delivered me...over and over again. His constant, continued, steadfast faithfulness were miracles the same, just as real and amazing as bringing down manna from heaven.

Yet, I forget. More often than I'd like to admit, I forget.

When I doubt my dad will be ok, that's me...forgetting.

When I fear that my children will be harmed, that's me...forgetting.

When I wonder how to afford that balance due, that's me...forgetting.

When my busyness takes my mind off of His word, that's me...forgetting.

When I think my value is in test scores, or the way I look or what others think of me, that's me...forgetting.

When I try really hard in my own strength, that's me...forgetting.

God has delivered me. Sustained me. Provided for me. Protected me. Served me. Changed me. Fought for me. Pursued me. I forget all the time.

When I worry.

When I stress.

When I covet.

When I disobey.

When I lash out.

When I mope.

When I hold back.

When I hold tight to worldly things.

When I worry.

When I worry.

When I worry.

That's me, forgetting.

Forgetting He has spared me. He has parted the red sea in my life. He has dropped down manna from heaven in my life. He has provided and conquered. Over and over again.

"Your promise still stands. Great is your faithfulness. I never will forget."

Lord, I don't want to forget. Help me sing out those words to you next time.