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To All the Fifth Graders Who Would Have Been Mine

Room 209. Over the last many years, I have spent a large portion of each day in this room, impacting fifth graders' lives. Within those four walls has been hundreds of students that each mean the world to me. While the rest of the world has gone about their day, there we were in room 209, growing together. Whether it be pouring our hearts out in writing, hanging on every word in reading, or exploring our history, we learned. From laughing to crying, listening to talking, or moving to sitting, we grew together.

In that room, I shaped hearts and minds and spirits to help each child be the best they can be. I worked tirelessly to show each child they were loved and valued. I committed myself to the standards that I was charged to teach them. For the last many years I have poured my heart and soul out in that room.

Today, I walked out of room 209 for the last time. My teaching journey has led me to move to the middle school.

I am confident in my new calling to a new grade, new building, and new classroom. But leaving room 209 means leaving behind all

of the upcoming fifth graders that would have been mine. The siblings of my past students that I have been waiting for and the students I have never met are all precious children that I will not, afterall, have a chance to meet in that classroom. Walking away from them is definitely the hard part.

Room 209 is not just four walls and a door. It is a place where children thrive and grow. And I want all of the children who would have been mine to know, Mrs. Williams will always be praying for room 209.

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