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If I Could Teach You Just ONE More Thing...

To all of my students past, present and future.

When you saw a smile cross my face,

Did you know it was because of you?

And when a laugh escaped my mouth,

It was you who did that too.

Sometimes when I'd cry at night,

Those tears were shed for you.

I want the best for your life,

I'd give anything for your dreams to come true.

Since you are finished with this year,

I have just a little more to say.

I hope in life you achieve success,

So this is what I pray...

I know you've learned a lot this year,

You've grown a lot I see.

But if I could teach you just ONE more thing,

Here's what it would be.

Your struggles do not own you,

Don't let hard times bring you down.

Turn the bad into the good,

Choose to smile instead of frown.

Know that you are valuable,

Recognize your worth.

Be happy with who you are,

You've been special since your birth.

Make good grades and do your best,

You deserve that honor.

Your best will bring you far in life,

And give you pride and power.

Realize the power of a choice,

For ONE can change everything.

Make sure you think before you act,

For hurt your choice can bring.

Treat others with respect and love,

Do not tear people down.

We are here to make a difference,

Your love can turn someone around.

Even when it seems you can't,

Believe that you sure can.

Sometimes in trying, you will fall,

But pick yourself up and STAND!

Where you've been might weigh you down,

Your past might cause some hurt.

Don't be beat by what is gone,

Each day is a new start.

Every moment is a gift,

Opportunities surround you.

Do not waste a single second,

ENJOY LIFE in all you do!

Just ONE more thing...

Cherish people, laugh always,

Shine your smile bright.

Play in the rain, compliment,

Get good sleep at night.

Play, hug, and dance too,

Travel far and try new things.

Help little children,

Look forward to what life brings.

If there's anything you've heard this year,

Please hear these words of mine.

Hold tight to these lessons taught,

And happiness you will find.

Please, just ONE more thing...

As we reflect on this year,

You know we have learned much.

History, Reading, Writing and Grammar,

Geography and such.

Although these are important,

Listen closely to my heart.

If there's only ONE thing to learn from me,

It's that I've loved you from the start.

Since you are finished