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This is 40

"Over the Hill"

Downhill from here,

Is death around the corner?

It's what we now fear.

Wrinkles are forming,

Harder to conceal,

Veins are sprouting,

Making shorts a no-deal.

Doctor appointments,

Check ups galore,

Maintaining this vessel,

Now seems to cost more.

Things are more droopy,

Gravity is evident,

New spots showing up,

The Sun's generous present.

A yummy piece of pie?

Sure sounds nice,

But 5 more pounds,

Seem to come with each slice.

Surely this teenager,

Almost as tall as me,

Can't be my daughter,

I feel like I'm only 23!

My 40th birthday!

That's young, I've been told,

But when my parents turned 40, They were so old!

Forty can wreak havoc,

On the soul and mind,

Mourning what's gone,

What has been left behind.

But the future is bright,

So much joy ahead,

The best decade yet,

My wings, I will spread.

My marriage, a gift,

To treasure and cherish,

My children, my reward,

Watching them flourish.

My body, a machine,

To challenge and nurture,

I will run to the end,

Of this I am sure.

Wisdom has been earned,

From trial and pain,

This journey to 40,

Will not be in vain.

Blessings all around,

The Lord's hand upon me,

If this is 40,

It's exactly where I want to be.