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Lessons from Gran

My Gran passed away. I will carry on her legacy by living out the lessons she taught me.

1. The dishes can wait. If there is a loved one in your home, let the dishes pile up. Sit with them and laugh with them and don't worry one bit about those dishes.

2. Listen. If someone wants to talk, let them. Sit on the bed and stroke their hair and just listen.

3. Play! You're never too old to play. Let the kids play under your table, be a prankster, and have fun every chance you get.

4. Get dirty. Catch grass snakes and make mud pies. Dye eggs and find worms.

5. Be creative. Use your hands to make things. Be artistic and express yourself.

6. Cook and eat with those you love. Make delicious food for your love ones. Show them they matter by taking the time to cook for them. Spend time in the kitchen and enjoy food around the table together.

7. Find joy in treasures. Collect coins and look through jewelry and give giant human-sized stockings full of stuff to your grandchildren.

8. Little houses make beautiful homes. It's not the size or splendor of the house, but the love of the family inside.

I am so grateful to have had my Gran in my life. She taught me so much and I will never be the same because she will always be a part of me.