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Haiti. A place where I marvel at the beauty of the people there. Dark, black skin, flawless, with bright white teeth in their wide smiles. Eyes of sincerity, and humility, and joy. Hands that serve in so many ways, such as a child's hands wiping my seat before he lets me sit. Or hands of teenage girls who braid my hair. Or hands of a gentleman who takes care of the "toilet" when I am done. Their feet, fast and lovers of soccer. Hair, so carefully styled with bows and beads, barrettes and braids galore. Their dresses, clean and wrinkle free. These people--I couldn't take my eyes off of them. Haiti. This country, so special to my daughter and me. Stifling heat with no relief, bugs biting while trying to sleep. Smells, noise, conveniences nowhere to be found. But we'd go back in a heartbeat just to see those people again. The little toddler, attached to Ainsley's hip, reaching her arms towards her, weeping when it was time to say goodbye. The little boy, same age as my classroom full of kids each day, taking such delight as we played. The little girls who could have played "ring around the rosies" a thousand times, laughing beautifully every time they "fell down". Or the countless piggy back rides given or the thankfulness in their hearts for their one meal (chicken feet and a small bit of rice). The mentally handicapped man who waited for us to come home every day, greeting us. These people are so beautiful. Today, Haiti is in political unrest and these people are going through hardship. They're hungry and they're hurting. As we sit at our tables full of food, may we think of Haiti and pray for them. In the midst of all their suffering, it brings me comfort to know they still have their beauty. With all the trials that they have had to face in their country, they press on with that dark beautiful skin, white smiles. Servant hands and busy feet. Their hair and clothes, worn with pride. We have so much to learn from our neighbors, the Haitian people.