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Our Family's Valentines' Tradition

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This family fun moment highlights our family's tradition for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is a beautiful holiday that celebrates love. When our first born, our daughter, came in to our lives, it didn't take long for us to realize, she sure loved her daddy. It also didn't take long for us to realize: We don't have that much time to show her and teach her how much she is loved by her daddy, so that she can one day be loved well by someone else.

Brian and I decided that we would not spend Valentine's Day giving material gifts to her, but that we would use this holiday to teach her how a girl should be treated by a man.

My three year old little girl got all dressed up in her Sleeping Beauty Princess dress and fancy shoes. Mommy curled her hair and placed a sparkly crown on top. The doorbell rang, and when she answered, she was met by a handsome man all dressed up with a bouquet of flowers just for her. This man was the love of her life: her daddy. He whisked her away to her favorite restaurant (Perkins), making sure to treat her just like that princess she was.

Fast forward to today. My almost-thirteen-year-old, counting down the minutes to be swept off her feet by her daddy, the one she still adores. Things have gotten quite busy over the years, so he will meet her at her basketball game as she cheers, and he will have flowers in his hands, for all the boys to see: She is still her daddy's girl. He will take her to her restaurant of choice and treat her like the princess that she is. He will speak into her: You are beautiful. You are loved. You are to be respected, and honored, and treasured.

And this tradition will continue for years to come, until she is met at the door by someone else, the man that is made just for her. And her daddy and I will be okay because her daddy's love taught her how to be loved well and she will settle for nothing less.

Rewind back to that three year old princess, and picture a two year old boy who loves his mama. Our toddler son, Braxton, attached to my long hair and a snuggler, would turn into a man one day. One of our biggest charges as parents is training our sons up to become a leader for his wife, whom he honors and cherishes. Daddy and I will show him how.

So, my two year old little boy, all dressed up, ringing the doorbell for Mama to answer. His hands full of flowers, he hands them over to the love of his life: Mommy. Mommy teaches him to open doors and listen and talk.

Fast forward to that little boy becoming an 11 year old young man. Sweets have always been one way to his heart, so Mama makes her annual homemade whoopie pies and tucks one away in his lunch box. Their date is planned and this young man is ready for the challenge to show Mommy she is beautiful. She is loved. She is to be respected, and honored, and treasured.

And this tradition will continue as many years as he will let it. Until one day he meets another woman at the door, made just for him. And Mommy will let go, because she knows he is ready. Ready to love well.

And we will show our children what love looks like when their daddy sweeps their mommy off her feet a few days later when everything calms down. Mama and Daddy will get all dressed up, and kiss and hug and leave for a while, just the two of them. I'm so glad their daddy met me at the door 26 years ago and that he is my forever Valentine.

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