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Taking Care of Yourself = Taking Care of Others

Moms, I know that you give all of yourself to so many things. You are willing to sacrifice so much for your family. This is what is so special about mommies!

You sacrifice getting enough sleep so you can rock and console your baby. You sacrifice your personal space so your toddler can feel comfort being close. You sacrifice your cravings so your child can have the last bite of that sweet on your plate. You sacrifice your time, spending all of yours on making sure your child is ready for school the next day. You sacrifice hot water in your bath at night so that your tween can be in it for way too long. You would even give your own life for your child.

A mother's love is a sacrificial love, and it is beautiful.

We are willing to sacrifice so much, everything, for our children. But too many are mothering status quo because we have neglected the one who, perhaps, needs to be filled up the most: ourselves. And too many of us are existing in status quo marriages because we put our children first and our spouse gets what's left (and what's left isn't very much). We have nothing left to give, because we spent all of it on our kids.

How can we pour into others if we are empty? How can we be content with giving so much to our kids that we have nothing left to give to our spouse?

It is easy to think that time spent on ourselves is selfish. It is easy to put our children above our husbands.

But we are doing our children no favors by putting them ahead of all else.

Going to the gym takes time away from my family. Going to bed with my husband every night means I don't get to fold that laundry that is piling up. Reading my bible might take the place of reading to my kids. Sitting down with a cup of tea might feel lazy because, well, there is so much to do!

Life is short! Moms, taking care of ourselves and taking time on what we love will make us happier and healthier, which will, in turn, make us better equipped to pour into our family!

What is it that you are neglecting? Exercise? Your hobby? Time in the Word? Time in quiet? Good nutrition? Time with your husband?

Taking care of yourself takes time. Your kids will be ok. They'll see a happier, healthier mommy who isn't willing to sacrifice herself, but instead knows how important she is. They'll see a mommy who doesn't let herself get stuck in a rut, existing in status quo, but instead lives passionately pursuing what she loves. They'll see a mommy who is more able to pour into them because she pours into herself.

So, you know that thing you've been wanting to do? Time at the gym? Painting? A nap? Date night with hubby?

Taking care of yourself and investing in your husband are the best ways you can take care of your children.