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Life Board: Work

What makes a full life? What can we enjoy while on this earth, to make sure we make the most of every moment?

If you haven't read my blog about our family's life board, check it out!

This is our board that hangs in a central location in our home. It consists of various things we want to be purposeful in including in our lives as a family.

Future blogs will focus on the different categories on our life board, like "work".

Work brings satisfaction and fulfillment. We want to teach our children to have work that they love and that can provide for them. You can start young with this.

My son has a candy machine "business". A kind business owner in our community has allowed Braxton to have a candy machine in the lobby. My son buys the candy and fills up the machine, collects the money, rolls the coins, and budgets according to give, save and spend. This has been very beneficial in teaching him that sometimes we have to do our job even when we would rather be doing something else, and it has also taught him valuable lessons about money. He would like to expand his "business", so if you are a business that would be willing to let a 10 year old worker house his candy machine in your business, please comment!

My daughter, the entrepreneur, started a "business", called Love Knots. She makes bracelets and sells them, with 20% going to Haiti. She has sold so many bracelets that she is having a tough time making them all! This is a blessing, teaching her to work when she would rather be doing something else. It has also taught her that when you have an idea, go for it! If you are interested in a "love knot", comment below!

Here are pictures of my kiddos current "work".