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Life Board

In an effort to be intentional in living a full life as a family, I created this Life Board. The purpose of our Life Board is to visually represent how much we are developing various practices to help us live a full life.

First, we determined what makes up an enriched life. What are the blessings and opportunities God has given us to enjoy life to the fullest? Since these days, most kiddos feel such a draw towards all things screens, it requires our intentionality more than ever to incorporate other sources of joy in our lives. We must help our children explore living in a variety of ways, to help them be well rounded and reach their full potential.

The following blessings are what our family will be intentional to include in our lives. This list is a work in progress and isn't a one size fits all. Each life board can look different.

*God's Word
















*Physical Activity




You can see that each of these are on the larger pieces of paper across our board (in the picture above).

After we created our list, we started to fill in our board with what we are doing or will do for that practice. There are some examples given on our board, but our board is not complete.

This life board is basically a calendar/goal setting/bucket list all wrapped in one. It visually shows how to balance life by noticing what is missing.

This is a work in progress and is not finished yet. Implement this in your home in a way that is personalized specifically for your family. Everyone's board should look different!

In future blogs, I will be sharing how our family is putting our life board into practice. It will include anything from a whipped cream fight on National Whipped Cream Day (fun) to crossing an Escape Room off our bucket list (entertainment) to an example of something Braxton and Ainsley are doing to make money (work) to some specific chores (productivity).

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Also, if you need help creating your life board, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.