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A Full Life this New Year

A sense of awakening does come with the changing of the year. After Christmas, it's like our bodies are ingrained to want more. We are automated to take stock of the status quo in our lives, and we set goals to push against our ruts in the new year. This is great!

It is a positive practice to evaluate our previous year and make resolutions to get us out of status quo living that might have kept us stuck.

The whole purpose of nomorequo is to encourage others to make the most of every day. To be intentional, making the most of every moment. To have your best life. NOW. To not find ourselves next Dec. 31 wondering how we let ourselves get so stuck, but instead celebrating the intentional choices we made DAILY to live a full life.

Let's not wait until Dec. 31, 2018 or 2019 or 2031, but let's push against status quo every day of the year, for every year to come. Life is too short.

In this day and age, there are more ruts than ever to fall into. Our fruitless time scrolling through facebook, searching through instagram, or attached to video games, hinders us from a well-rounded, intentional, full life, indeed. There is so much we are missing out on.

I've been meditating on what a full life includes. I've been making observations and seeking the answer to this question: What does a full life consist of?

This question has been on my mind as I am nearing my 40th birthday, and also as my children have reached a new stage where their womanhood and manhood is right around the corner. I feel an extra charge to show them what a full life is. And it's certainly NOT Fortnite or an iphone.

I'm burdened by how much life is not being lived due to screens. One of my biggest challenges in parenting is how to balance screens with living.

I have made many mistakes in this. Many are at a point of unbalance, and I hope to encourage homes to reclaim the purpose in daily living by seeking after a FULL life. Let's refuse to let any more time pass by, adding up too much screen time and not enough LIVING time.

The next series of posts will be some specific things that make up a full life and how to take intentional and practical steps to include these practices in our life.

Things from building domino trains when bored to boxing together at the gym...exploring a variety of books for a well-read mind to taking your dog to the dog park.

Let's LIVE LIFE in 2019 (and beyond)!

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