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If I Could, I Would

To the baby unborn because of a choice. A choice the courts say your mother had the right to make--

If I could rock you in my arms and calm you with a lullaby, I would. I would wrap you in a blanket, tight against my chest, and whisper a song in your tiny ears, letting you know YOU ARE LOVED.

To the life not given the chance to live beyond the womb, instead ripped apart of the very one who grew you.

If I could show you my smile and teach you how to smile back, lighting up the room with that toothless mouth, I would. And if I could show you how much fun it is to laugh, that life sure is fun, I would laugh with you and smile with you, letting you know YOU DESERVE HAPPINESS.

Taken out the place that was to be your comfort, your subsistence, your home, because the courts say it is ok.

If I could help you walk, and chase after you as you run, I would. I would be there when you fall, ready to kiss your boo-boos and make them better, showing you YOU ARE A TREASURE.

To the one they say wasn't a life yet, growing in the womb with your heartbeat and your toes, fingers and mouth that already suckled.

If I could cook you your favorite meal, I would.

If I could help you with homework, I would do that too.

Teach you to read, show you how pretty the mountains are, dance in the living room. I would do all those things with you.

Stand for you at your wedding as you walked down the aisle. Or marvel at how handsome you are as you wait for your bride. I would.

Watch as you offer your gifts and talents to the world, as only you could do. Such potential and life is wrapped in your tiny package. If I could fan your flame and release you to give it all to this world, I would.

If I could have a chance with every single one of the precious lives cut short by abortion to tell them they do matter, I would. If I could tell them they are a precious life, I would. They are valued and loved. I would tell them this if I could.

But I can't. That was their mother's job first. And she made a choice. Perhaps the greatest mystery to me, precious life and potential cut short, is what she chose.

And to all of the mothers who chose abortion, you, too, are loved. You, too, are valued. If I could give you a chance to go back and change it, I would. If I could tell you I am sorry that you are scared and alone and hopeless, I would. If I could hold your hand and stroke your hair and tell you it's going to be okay as you birthed your baby into this world, I would. I am sorry you felt abortion was the answer. I'm sorry the courts say it is ok. Because that seed planted in your womb deserves a chance at LIFE. What I wouldn't give to give it back to all of them.