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Halloween Fun

(Minutes before we were to start trick or treating, my daughter- dressed-as-a-princess changed into a pirate, thanks to her brother's dress up bin. She has a habit of doing this and is usually an out of the box girl, which I love.)

Making memories as a family is so important to help our kids have a strong sense of home and leads to a strong sense of the values we stand for. Something kids never forget...FUN! The sillier and more adventurous, the better!

I love helping families have practical ways to push against status quo living. Holidays are a perfect time to create experiences! One of our favorite traditions is "Booing". We started this when they were small enough that I pulled them in a wagon to accomplish our nighttime fun.

In case you haven't heard of it before, here is how you do it. (And, yes, we will be doing this until they are way too old. Don't stop the family traditions because you think they are too old.)

Pick a friendly neighbor (preferably with kids) that you want to "Boo". Buy Halloween themed treats/small gifts/trinkets and create a sign that says, "You've been Booed". At night, creep to their house and tip toe to their porch. Lay the goodies out with the sign, knock on the door, and RUN. (It's important that the fun take place at night in the dark, but make sure you are careful about cars as you walk to their house. And, if you can't walk to the house, no problem, driving works too.)

There will be giggles and laughing, and they will never forget the fun you created for them.

Children and adolescents have a strong desire for fun and will search for it if they are not experiencing it in the home. By providing fun in your home, your kiddos are less likely to explore inappropriate "fun" outside of your home. So keep looking for ways to engage the hearts of your children to battle against the world trying to do the same.