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A Baby Born 41 Years Ago

A baby was born 41 years ago.

This baby would grow into a teenager that would meet me at my front door and steal my heart. He would become my boyfriend and talk to me on the phone until early morning hours and take me on dates.

This baby born 41 years ago would turn into a man that would become my husband. A husband who cares for me every day. One who puts my needs above his own. One who cherishes me, provides for me, and serves me selflessly.

This baby would turn into the man that makes me laugh every day. Constant laughter fills my days and stresses of the days melt away, thanks to this baby born 41 years ago.

This baby was born 41 years ago to a loving home in Tennessee, and he would grow into the father of my children. He would become the best father I could ever have imagined, exactly the daddy our children need. I would watch in awe as he loves, supports, encourages, and guides my children. This baby would become a father that makes an eternal impact on the two most precious treasures in my life.

This baby born 41 years ago would be saved by God and discipled to become the spiritual leader of our home, bringing me closer to God and spurring our children on towards love and good deeds.

This baby who was born 41 years ago has become my greatest gift, most treasured person, and love of my life. Every day, I delight in this man and stand amazed at who he is.

Today is a happy birthday for Brian Williams, born 41 years ago. But it is really a happy birthday for me, indeed. Because if it wasn't for that baby born 41 years ago, I don't know where I would be today.