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Benefits (and Joy) of Green Tea

I cannot say enough about green tea! This is coming from a girl who has always hated tea. I mean hated it. Despised it. It was GROSS. I was determined to like green tea for its health benefits. So, a while ago I started drinking it at work. Since I hated the taste so much, it took me a LONG time to finish this cup of tea, and it became a lengthy process just to finish one cup . My students were my witness to how much I disliked that cup of green tea, and they kept asking me, “Are you done yet, Mrs. Williams? Are you done yet?”. My face showed them my disgust. But over time, I have grown to love it and look forward to it every day. I am actually sad when I am done and my cup is empty!

Healthy advice is to get rid of those sugary drinks that give you highs and lows of energy. Green Tea is a healthy, natural energy booster. Purchase some organic green tea and have a warm cup during that time that you need an energy booster or calmer.

I prefer loose tea, but tea bags are just fine too. Find the time that works for you to enjoy a cup of green tea. Mid morning is a nice time to enjoy some green tea, as it calms and soothes you in the midst of a busy day. Another good time for a cup of green tea is middle afternoon, because it rejuvenates you to keep pressing on with real energy. Also, it is nice to use green tea as a calmer during those high stress times or times where your nerves might be on edge, such as important meetings or your child’s competitive sports games. Green tea is so healthy, you can certainly have more than one cup in the day!

Green tea is amazing for your health, unlike those sugary energy drinks that make you crash. Green tea is full of antioxidants. It helps slim us down by boosting our metabolism and fights cancer. Green tea also helps our digestion and brain, as well as cardiovascular health. Our immune system is stronger because of green tea, and it serves as anti-aging with our skin. I promise after a few weeks of drinking green tea, you will feel how it helps your body.

One thing is for sure: You need to get rid of any and all sugary drinks that you consume. No more soda or energy drinks. They are weighing you down and will hinder you from the well-being your body deserves!

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