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How Does Prayer Help?

I was brought to my knees this week, tears streaming down my face, pleading with the Lord on behalf of a dear family. Helplessness was my first feeling. As much as we all wanted to rush in and fix the situation, we all knew there was nothing we could do. So I immediately turned to what I knew was needed the most: Prayer.

Communication with God is our lifeline. When confused, or desperate, or concerned, or thankful, or guilty, or questioning, or hurting, or worrying, or weary, talk to God. I know God is who He says He is because of how He has revealed Himself to me through prayer.

He has answered me time and time again.

I remember the time I sat on the floor with four year old Braxton, helping him put on his shoes. I was going through a journey of waiting and wondering about what God's will was regarding my work role for the upcoming school year. My longing was to have a part time job to allow me to continue to be home with Braxton during his last year before kinder, but those jobs do not come up often in the teaching profession. It seemed unlikely. I had been praying for the situation fervently. Braxton loved the bible so he had it in his hands while we tied his shoes. A sheet fell out that read, "Pray with boldness". Right there on Braxton's carpet, we prayed, specifically, that God would open up a part time job for me soon and reveal it to me soon so my waiting time could be over. The email came that day: a part time teaching job was offered to me.

We have been on a journey of waiting on the Lord to reveal His will regarding our next home, while we live in a tiny, one-bathroom home He has provided. I have been very content and thankful for our small home, not desiring more. But during a moment of weakness, I longed for more, and I was admitting to God that I would like to have a nice home. He answered through His word, giving me a specific verse that was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. It couldn't be more timely and personal to my situation.

And the time I sat in my car, crying, telling God I did NOT want to move from Texas to Florida. Newly married, my husband had the opportunity for a job in Florida, and I was sick at the thought of leaving my beloved family, friends and job behind. I prayed to Him, asking for Him to "give me the desires of His heart". By that night, my heart was transformed and I couldn't wait to get to Florida.

Prayer really is the best thing we can do when it seems like there is nothing we can do. If you have not turned to prayer, I encourage you to start.

What does prayer do?

It breaks our bondage. It releases what holds us captive.

God breaks the bondage of worry.

God breaks the bondage of weariness.

God breaks the bondage of guilt.

God breaks the bondage of confusion.

God breaks the bondage of fear.

God breaks the bondage of loneliness.

God breaks the bondage of sickness.

God breaks the bondage of misery.

Whatever you are dealing with, turn to prayer. When we continue to exist in bondage, we are not living in the freedom God intends, as His adopted sons and daughters. Seems to me that prayer is the best way to live our best life, beyond the status quo. Break free from bondage and live in His freedom!