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A Letter to Women

Women, are you tired? Weary? At the end of the day, do you lay your head on your pillow feeling completely spent and exhausted?

If your answer is yes, then aren't you blessed?

Moms, professionals and working women, the work of your hands is impacting. The gifts and service you have to offer are unique to you, and no one can do the work you are called to do like you. You have much to offer through your labor.

To the hair stylists, your work is a gift. Thank you for the toil of your hands that shape beauty into the heads and hearts of others. To the nurses, thank you for your selfless service. Your job requires a lot of you, but your care is the hands and feet of Jesus. Businesswomen, keep your head up and stay strong because our businesses need your influence and strength. I appreciate your skills and abilities. Teachers, you shape the minds and hearts of children. I know you carry burdens and love so much it hurts, but great is your reward as you influence the next generation. Assistants and Secretaries, what would we do without you? Your behind the scenes work is not unnoticed, and we could not function without you. Thank you for going above and beyond.

Moms, your work never ends. The dirty clothes, hungry tummies, snotty noses, bedtime prayers, filthy feet, school requirements, budgeting needs, dusty furniture, appointment schedule, activity routes, tears, hurt feelings, and hearts of our home depend on you. It's no wonder you are tired.

To each and every woman, when you lay your head down at night, close your eyes on a job well done. A day of much has been accomplished, and your fatigue means you are blessed.