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Slow Down

My best friend is taking her daughter to college today. I remember when her daughter was a preschooler crying over her dead fish or asking us to watch her do her gymnastic moves over and over again. And now she is getting in the car and driving away from home.

I know my two aren't far behind her. Instead of my baby girl wanting me to hand her a toy, she wants me to hand her a phone. Instead of my little guy wanting to be attached to my hip, he is wanting time with his friends. My daughter is almost as tall as I am, and I can't hold my son anymore. And I know that it won't be long until they load up their car with stuff and drive away from home. I want to tell time to slow down. I want their growing up to stop moving so fast.

It hurts to know our time with our children is limited. It hurts knowing how fast time goes. How can we make the most of the time we have left? It is easy to spend so much of our days wasting the time we have with them. The busyness of life can so easily creep in and suck the intentionality out of our home.

Here are 5 ways I am going to help time slow down:

1. Continue to tuck them in at night. No matter how much I have to do (i.e. dishes to clean, emails to check, or clutter to fix) and how old they get, I will sit or lay with them in their bed and talk. Laugh. Just be with them.

2. Screens will not take the place of our communication. I will turn off screens to spend time talking to them while in the car, sitting with them while in the house, playing with them outside, and eating with them at mealtimes.

3. I will keep my calendar as simple as possible. I'll say no to some really good things so I can be with my kids. I'll make sure there is plenty of time at home carved into our week.

4. We will create memories. I will be creative and innovative and intentional in winning their hearts by having fun and traveling. We won't be status quo in how we spend our time together.

5. I will pray for them more. I'll bring my concerns and requests and longings and desires for them to the Lord. I will take the time to talk to Him about my children. And I'll ask HIM, the maker of time, to slow it down.