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A Message to Boys

*Thank you to Will Snipes for the dollar bill analogy.

Imagine you were given a clean, crisp 100 dollar bill that represents sexual purity. One day, at the altar on your wedding day, you present this crisp 100 dollar bill to your bride. You saved every penny for her. What a beautiful gift you saved all for her.

You don't want to present her with any less, do you? I can't imagine you would want to tell her, "Here's 30 bucks. Sorry, but I spent a lot of it on other girls."

Every sexual act before marriage is a transaction withdrawal from your future wife, without her permission.

And guess what else? It's not yours to take from others either. Unless you have a wedding ring on your finger, it's not yours to have. Don't be a thief. Don't take something from your girlfriend that isn't yours. She, too, has been called to save every penny for her future husband. She, too, deserves the honor of presenting a crisp, clean 100 dollar bill to her groom on her wedding day.

Don't you want that from your future wife?

Boys, start viewing the girls around you the way God intends. Instead of stealing from them, honor them.

When they post that provocative Instagram picture, trying to get your attention, don't "like" it. Send her the message that she is more than that. Take a stand! Stop being complacent in your thinking, falling into the pressures of this world. Instead, be BOLD in how you view and treat ladies. Be the one who uplifts and treasures them. Not the one who steals from them.

Save every penny. Every penny is worth saving for your future wife. You might not even know her yet, but she is pretty fabulous. And she deserves your devotion to her, even now. Now more than ever, you can show her how much you love her, as you save all of your spending just for her.

I know the wait seems long, but the wait will be over before you know it. And then you will have a lifetime with the one who was meant for that 100 dollar bill.