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Epic Prank: Intentional Fun

This nomorequo fun moment shows a great way to live intentionally by engaging the hearts of children through harmless pranks.

I've always loved pranks (harmless ones, of course). I've been known to squirt ketchup on my children while they are in the shower. My son and I once cut the toes off of my husband's socks and put them back in his drawer, so when he put them on the next day, his toes went straight through! One of my favorites was when my big brother (who was 18 at the time) was watching "It", and I dressed in my full clown costume (wig and all). I walked up to the tv room window from outside and stared at him. He was frozen in fear! We still laugh about that one!

Pranks usually lead to laughter. Part of living intentionally, making the most of every moment, is laughing. It's hard to exist in status quo when your days are full of laughter.

How do you get your kiddos laughing? What are intentional ways you make sure laughter is a part of your day to day? Comment below!

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Laughter wins children's hearts. I love to engage the hearts of children through laughter! In this prank, I had been spending a week at camp, which is a great place to connect through laughing. These particular girls that I pranked were 11 year olds. Their shower in their room kept randomly turning on when they weren't even in the bathroom, so I would have to fix it for them throughout the week. I saw this as an opportunity. One night, I beat them back to their room, turned on their shower, and hid in it with the curtain closed...in my clothes, in the dark. Watch this hilarious video below!