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Your Test Score Does Not Define you: A Letter to All Students

Dear Child,

You saw a number today. A number that everyone says is really, really important. You've been excited and nervous as you waited for the news of your number. When your mom said your number was in, your heart sank because what if your number wasn't good enough?

You saw a number today. A number that told you you weren't good enough. A number that made you feel defeated and small. Even though a long time ago everyone was so proud of you for holding this little number up with your tiny little fingers as you were just figuring the world out. Who knew the number those toddler fingers extended proudly would one day break your heart?

You saw a number today. A number that you have now made your mark. You swear everyone can see it every time they look at you. A mark that you're afraid disappoints your parents. A mark you are just sure will cause your teacher to look down on you. You think this mark will cause your classmates to laugh at you. Because your number wasn't good enough. Your number was too low. This little number holds so much power in your world.

I know you saw a number today.

But this is a number.

Can one number define you? Can one small number tell you who you are? A number can never and should never be your mark. Because you are so much more than a number.

George Washington probably would have had a number like that. He ended up being our nation's first president! Albert Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci probably would have seen that number by their name too, but look at their contributions through science and art.

So what are you going to do about that number? Are you going to let it define you and leave its mark? Or are you going to move forward and leave YOUR mark?

Because I know you keep hearing how important that number of yours is. Do you know what means more than that number?

Your kindness. It changes the world.

Your joy. Because it shines your light.

Your honesty. Honesty can be so hard, but it is so important.

Your acceptance. For it gives others hope.

Your love. Because love conquers all.

Does that number, your mark, reflect your character? Who you are? No.

What would your number be if it measured your kindness...your joy...your honesty...your acceptance...your love? Because that would be the number that matters.

Because those things are what helps erase others' bad marks.

You saw a number today. View it, try to change it for next time, but then remember it does not define you, and PRESS ON. Press on to change the world with who you are and all you have to offer. Because you are something special no matter what number you got.